Friday, 4 March 2011

I'm sorry. Not.

Sitting on the tube today I picked up the the daily newspaper, (read: overnight sensationalist stories rather than cutting edge journalism) and came across yet another celeb article containing yet another annoying 'tweet' about how sorry (insert less than famous celeb name here) is about (insert appropriate scandal eg drunk incident/catty remark/extra-marital affair/shooting an intern).

Now, this tweet (I'm still asking why a post on Twitter is not called a Twit?) led me to ask whether social media sites are fast becoming the cowards way out for wrong doings- for those in the public eye at least. From trivial panty flashing to extra-marital affairs these glorified status updates- surely dictated- seem to appease fans and I'm asking 'Why?!'. Not to say it has no place but all this hiding in a virtual world seems to me that the days of genuine, public apologies are long gone. True strength of character, sincerity and the makings of a strong public figure has now become a Smartphone screen and 160 characters.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I take pleasure in others' humiliation or even care for these celebs and their wrong doings but I do question their sincerity when it comes to these social sites. Are they heartfelt apologies or just another string tugged by management?

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