Friday, 7 January 2011

A Date With History

On 31 January 2010 two high school friends and graduates set off ready to take on Europe. Looking back now, to the children we were nearly a year ago we have completed our first year in the University of Life and have learnt far more than we ever have in 22 years of formal education.
This year has taught me the meaning of the word friend. It has shown me a world of beauty, kindness and generosity. But most of all, this year has given me the privilege of calling my life just that. Life.
 Because I believe that that was the day it really started.

Alright, that's about all the seriousness I can muster. Enjoy the pics folks and remember you can click on 'em to enlarge

Viennese  Snowman Feb 2010
Snowboarding in Austria
Budapest March 2010
Oldest Medieval Town in Europe- France March 2010 

Narbonne Beach with host, Sundara
France March 2010

Canal du Midi South of France

Blending in- Montpellier

Gaudi, Gaudi, Gaudi
Barcelona April 2010

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Andalucia, Spain

Great Peacock Moth

Travelling Buddies Sierra de Grazalema, Andalucia

Our chickens- Gonzales the Rooster
Ronda- Oldest Bull ring in Spain

Productive day picking broad beans and lemons

My favourite friend poking his head out
Green Oscillated Lizard- very rare

Sierra de Grazalema

Spider gobbling a bee

Dos Los Titties- The Twin Peaks

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