Thursday, 6 January 2011

Preparation is Key

I'd like to think that this is the start of a lasting habit. A diary entry of some sort. A way to catch up with a year that has come and gone. Reminisce about the fun/crazy/new things I have seen and done. And perhaps make up for my lack of phone calls, because let's face it, this right here is the good stuff.

Admittedly, I have spent two days faffing over the colour scheme and layout instead of tapping away at the keyboard. I guess this is the cyber way of throwing oneself into a new hobby, it's all about the preparation. Like learning to play an instrument - hours of cleaning and polishing rather than tooting a tune. Or trying a new sport, 'I'm not stepping onto that field unless I'm fully kitted.'

Amsterdam Nov 2010
So now my 'kit' is complete, my blog has a name (Minus-a-Map, based on my finely tuned propensity to always be going in the wrong direction- map in hand!). My blog has a background (Andalucia, Spain March 2010) and amazingly my blog also has some posts. All I'm lacking now are the hoards of followers eager to read the ensuing babble....

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