Thursday, 5 May 2011


Hard earned wages for these babies, hopefully they'll see a lot
more races in the future!
Ask me to run a kilometre a month ago and that's about the response you would have received (along with an indignant wave of the hand). If I was feeling particularly perturbed by the question it would probably have just been 'Tsek!'.

And since I have an international readership, no wait, I don't. All three of my followers (thanks guys!) will know what I mean. But just in case there's a foreigner lurking around, 'voetsek' is a very impolite way of saying 'go away'–  I'm sure you know what I mean.

Okay, well here's why I won't make a very good writer: I get distracted too easily…

Anywaaaay, nearly 8 weeks of training and I'm able to run 9km–  haven't tested 10k yet–  in a reasonable time. Let's not mention the three asmathic incidents that have caught me off-gaurd whilst training. The third one had me in hospital this past weekend. 

However, I think it is safe to say that without pushing too hard I can do a good time… 
There. I can run. Quite a distance. 
Erm… that's all I wanted to say… Oh, and I needed some new takkies coz I'd worn the old ones out with all my running.

You'd think after nearly 6 months of training I'd
be skinny... not a chance. Thought I'd have
my guns back by now...

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