Friday, 20 May 2011

Toss the Bucket List!

The beautiful Turquoise Coast of Turkey
A collection of new things I've done- some exciting and some not so exciting. Remember you can click to enlarge the pics!

It is whatever you think it
* Be strip searched
* Become involved- or at least interested- in politics and human rights
* Hitch-hike
* Sit under a Baobab tree
* Attend a New Years Eve party (have never done this!)
Volunteering at Walk the Walk Moonwalk-
walking marathon that only started at midnight.
I was on crowd control! lol! 15 000 (women mostly
it was for breast cancer.)
* Live in a ch√Ęteau
* Get a tattoo
* Do a mountain trail by myself
* Work as a pub cleaner

*Not freak out at seeing snakes (Europe's most poisonous at that and more than one)
* Make/be friends with unlikely people
* Sleep on the street
* Try to support local/up & coming artists/musicians/photographers as much as I can
* Cook meat (not my proudest but hey, not all lessons can be fun)
* Build a huge snowman
* Like wine
* Shop for chickens (er... to keep)
* Miss no one
* Pretend I'm Australian and have people believe it (until I answered Fosters when asked what beer I drink)
* Send a message in a bottle
* Pick olives
* Date a Pakistani ( very short lived! Oh and no offence to anyone)
* Volunteer/Charity work- it's addictive
* Cycle as a mode of transport (took me a while to pluck up the courage!)
* Swim in 9 degree water
* Write a Wikipedia article
* Book the first and cheapest bus to anywhere
* Climb a volcano
* Smoke weed with F.W De Klerk's niece (let's see who actually reads my blog...)
* Have no money
* Write an essay on WW1 (the joys of being an nanny...)
* Get involved in my community
* Dress up as a (three) Musketeer
* TEFL qualification
* Be involved in a mass protest
Caught right in the middle of the 'Black Bloc' anarchists was
pretty scary.
* Faint from being ill
* Sleep under the stars for two weeks
* Run for charity
* Have more money than ever in my life
* Jump from a 10m cliff into the sea (10m looks a lot different from a jagged cliff top!)
* Get free drinks... not just for me but for whoever is with me (guys & girls! seriously, it's quite a skill!)
* Be completely self-sufficient (see above!)
* Farm

Hyde Park March 26th Protests 

* Listen to my gut feel/inner voice (which isn't always the voice of reason!)
* Learn a language
* Ride on the back of a motorbike
* Been to (need I say it, illegal) underground party
* Love my country
* Au-pair

Middle one: Thomas 'Tom-Tom' Blackler
 my GPS where ever we go!

Trekking through Wadi Arugot

Bedouin Market Beer'sheva on the
hunt for chickens

Sweet Simona checking on our chicks

A swim before our dive in the sparkly waters of the
Turquoise Coast

And things that (hopefully) I'll be doing soon but take a bit more planning:

* Drive a 50 seater bus
* Squat
* Learn to dumpster dive (hopefully while I squat)

Mt Etna

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