Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Inspire Me

If travels are not enough to spark a flurry of prose what then will get my pen to paper?

It's not lack of subject matter: for there are always wanderings and ponderings, always oddities, characters and beauties- yet no words spring to mind.

Lazy? Perhaps. Inadequate? More so. My words are trapped in the darkness of my mind, the starkness of the paper. Like cheap airfares ideas are snapped up in exciting prospects only to lose their sparkle as the additional charges rack up. What starts as a beautfiul clean page soon becomes an ugly blotch of scribbles and scratches, not worth a second glance nevermind copying.

Still, I continue these incessant scribbles in the hope that someone may find joy in my words. That I might find joy in them.

Kuta Beach- Bali Sept '11

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