Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Toodle 'Loo'

'But, it's boring', Tom (my little minion, I can dream can't I?) whined. He wasn't talking about his chores- he doesn't have those- or having to wait for the bus, or even his 13 pages of maths homework. 'Pleeeease, I need it... I get borrrrrrrred...' he beckoned, his voice squealed like a rusted windmill in a tornado. I know we've all been there, a lot of things are boring at his age. But even we accepted that some things would just never be exciting so it was best to just get on with the task at hand.

So, if it wasn't the chores or the homework what could possibly be that boring for this 10-year-old?

The loo.

Yip, that's it. In all it's glory: he's bored on the bog.

And what exactly was the in-flight entertainment he so desperately needed? Possibly more desperate than natures call itself?  An iPod- a brand new touch version, might I add. 

Say hello to what we've raised: the generation of constant entertainment. Whom, even at this relatively primitive level, will need their attention * virtual choke* engaged in some sort of mind numbing piece of technology just so that they can get through a pee.

Goodbye trusty pile of grubby 'loo' mags, hellooo iPod stand.

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